Eng. Project Management


Good engineering is at the heart of any facility, system, equipment or operation. Designed to deliver successful and predictable results at any time.
Our experienced engineering team at R.S NESS Group provides vast knowledge and expertise to support your technical needs from conceptual design and characterization phase, through detailed design , bill of quantities , construction, to commissioning and equipment validation.

We bring a holistic “end to end” approach in tailoring the right solution for your needs. Our engineering services includes, but not limited to- support, consulting and supervision throughout all project phases.


EG Project Management

Project phases:

    1. Initiation–this phase is fully owned by the customer, however R.S NESS Group can assist and perform gap assessment , rough budget estimation and risk assessment based on initial data and requirement as reflected  from  customer needs.
    2. Design

    2.1.  Conceptual Design– This phase is high level design of functions at your facility – major deliverables in this phase includes, but not limited to:

    • Facility/Equipment (User Requirement Specification)
    • Process flow diagrams
    • General layouts
    • Clean room’ ISO/ EU classifications
    • Pressure cascades
    • Flow – Man , raw material ,finished goods , waste
    • Budget and timeline estimations
    • Preliminary concept approval by MOH (if required)
    • Further characterization of systems and equipment meant to support the process and product

    2.2.   Detailed design– this phase is a deep dive level design of the facility.  Phase deliverables includes, but not limited to:

    • BOD’s and other technical data sheets
    • Detailed layout
    • Detailed design – Electricity , HVAC, layout , construction ,  utilities, low voltage, control systems  and on P&ID’s
    • Room book
    • Bill of Quantities (BOQ)
    1. Execution – Management of the project’s procurement processes, construction and build activities , installation & deployment of acquired equipment
    • Request for Quotation (RFQ)
    • Negotiation with suppliers
    • Operation
    • Procurement/ contracts- Execution of procurement activities for utilities, equipment, clean rooms, furnishing, etc.
    • Construction, Installation, and commissioning of facilities, equipment, labs, and clean rooms.
    • Qualification (IQ/OQ/PQ) / Validation 

    4 .Hand over

    • Establishment of  engineering and maintenance infrastructures for the client such as SOPs and relevant checklists, In accordance with the highest regulatory requirements of relevant regulatory authorities (such as FDA, EMEA, and local ministry of health).
    • As made drawing
    • Certifications and permits
    • Calibration certificates
    • Engineering facility portfolio

    Good engineering practices engineering are both the drive and goal of our engineering team and determines the way we handle our tasks and projects, to bring quality and success to your business.