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Michal Graff Mitzmacher

Head of Process, CMC & Engineering projects

Michal has 20 years of experience in the Pharmaceuticals, Medical device, and biotechnologies industries.

Before RS-NESS, Michal served as a CTO of Elastagen, an Australian medical device. Been part of the leadership team of the company since early stage, partook in setting up the AUS, Israel, UK and US operations. Participated in the overall raising over 3 rounds, and eventually in leading to the acquisition of Elastagen by Allergan @ 2018. 

Her background includes deep hands-on experience in all aspects of pharmaceutical / medical device production, research, scale-up and design, CMC, CMO, strategic, partnering, M&A, and management. Michal led projects in the companies such as Omrix (J&J), BTG, ColBar, Protalix, and others.

Michal’s specialties: Process scale-up, process design, CMC, business development, strategic planning, mechanical/chemical engineering, project management, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals.

Michal is graduated with Cum Lauder; B.Sc, Chemical engineering, Technion, and M.Sc, Material engineering, Tel Aviv University.